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“I was thrilled to receive The Outstanding Achievement Award from STAR in November 2006. Starting a career is not easy, but starting as an intern and being recognized for your hard work makes it well worth it since not only do you get hands-on experience, but you also become motivated and eager to keep succeeding in your life. I will always be very thankful of STAR for such an honor and for helping me get going in my professional life. Now I am in the real estate business, applying all of my knowledge of advertising, the media and public relations into a very exciting field that allows for personal and professional growth. Thank you STAR for playing such an important role in the future of today’s youth!”
Leticia Mendoza


“I won my Star Intern of The Year Award in 2003. I interned with Media Edge CIA then was referred to OMD from there. Post my internships and winning the award, a few months later I finished school. I started shopping around the contacts I had developed through STAR and my bosses at my internships. Winning that award and being networked in the community gave me confidence, a network and industry knowledge. Without this I would not have been able to get where I am now.

From that original job, it has been just over 4 years…I have excelled 10x where I thought I would be at this point in my life. I am currently partner/Media Director at a local shop here in San Francisco. I came to an agency with no media capabilities and built out a full service media planning and buying operation. It has been about 8 months now and we are successfully running traditional, events, out of home, online and more for the 49ers, Monterey Bay Aquarium, Tullamore Dew Irish Whiskey, Otis Spunkmeyer, The Picture People, Intercontinental Hotel San Francisco, Disney Mobile and more…

Star itself is an amazing network of people in the advertising community in the Bay Area. Just being associated with STAR and working in Bay Area Advertising, or aspiring to, is huge.

My advice to students looking for a STAR internship, is DO IT! You will learn and meet people. No matter what is going on in your life, remember, an internship shapes the future in your carrier.”
Nick Fairbairn


“Bay Area STAR surprised me with an award that was far beyond what I could ever imagine — The Outstanding Achievement Award. For years, many of us feel as if we work as hard, if not harder, than the average person might. The award wasn’t just a piece of paper for me, but an answer to the question – ‘why do I have to work twice as hard, for half as much?’ Having this award presented to me was better than any paycheck, prize or promotion. It was a symbol that I finally had found where I was supposed to be, and succeeded at it. I won the first Outstanding Achievement Award in November 2005, and to this day, it was the proudest day of my life. Today, without the STAR internship, I would not be producer for CBS. And STAR will be with me for the indefinite future.”
Roberto Kalafate